Nuvolo 1:many campaign | abm in action

ABM In Action – 1:Many Campaign By Nuvolo

In this video, I expand on Nuvolo’s ABM strategy that I’ve covered in a previous post. The video illustrates how Nuvolo approaches the 1:Many campaign. It also details how the firm uses intent data for its one-to-many ABM and Targeting.

Because the video is based on the ABM approach used by a successful global ABM practitioner (Nuvolo), I believe it will provide you with the relevant insights to steer your organization’s ABM in the right direction.

Video Lessons – 1:Many Campaign By Nuvolo

So, as you plan to implement your organization’s 1: Many ABM, this video will enable you to:

  1. Identify the 3 Main ABM in order to formulate the best strategy to adopt.
  2. Learn more on how Nuvolo segments its target market for the 1:Many campaign among others
  3. Decide on the number of target accounts  to focus on for your different campaigns
  4. Know how to use intent data in order to develop different campaigns (1:1, 1:Few, & 1:Many ABM)
  5. Learn the strategies that Nuvolo uses  so that it can successfully run its competitive switching campaign 


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