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As Featured In Healthcare IT News Today

I recently wrote an article for Healthcare IT News Today on “How Can HealthTech Sales and Marketing Recover From COVID-19?”

You can read the full article here.

The key conclusion is that there are three things to consider doing today to get your business moving:

  1. Focus on financial pain – It doesn’t matter what you are selling right now, if you can’t improve the bottom line, you won’t get past the CFO. The reason your deals are slowing down maybe because your champion cannot convince the C-Suite that you are a “Must-have” in 2020. You have to be precise and compelling in how you will help them with their financial issues.

  2. Be a digital accelerator – How can you accelerate the use of digital technologies? How can you plug digital acceleration into your offering? Smaller, nimbler companies pivoted in April and started offering telehealth. The building or integration of these technologies takes time and can be very expensive but there are companies like Bluestream Health that offer white-label telehealth. Is there someone out there who is looking to be acquired who can help you? I sold my digital health company, Uniphy Health, to Harris Health in 2019 because they were looking to grow their portfolio of digital solutions.

  3. Change up your marketing – I run a community for healthcare sales and marketing professionals. It’s a great place to learn from each other. I am amazed by how companies have adapted their strategies to the times. This includes greater use of webinars, having SDRs reach out to prospects to conduct market research as a way to open new doors, and developing new tools and content to get deals moving. You can learn more here. If you are a sales and marketing pro, you may want to check it out.

On getting into telehealth, it’s well worth taking a look at BlueStream…

They wrote an excellent case study on how they are helping MedStar Health, one of the largest healthcare systems in the Mid-Atlantic. It provides a great roadmap.

As Featured In Healthcare IT News Today
MedStar Health and BlueStream Health Case Study

Read the full Healthcare IT New Today article here

You may want to watch this webinar by John Ulett, CIO of CentraState on Healthcare’s Changing Technology Purchasing.


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