video on factors to consider when developing an ideal customer profile

Developing An Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

In my previous Case Study post, I shared my experience on how we developed a Healthcare ICP for my startup company.  In this video, I review the steps in developing an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

Your ICP is the foundation for building your best-fit accounts or Target Account List (TAL) for an efficient and successful targeted marketing campaign

Video Insight – High-Potential Targets…

The video explains some of the key target customer characteristics that you ought to consider when developing an ICP.

Your aim in ICP development is to focus on targets with the highest purchase potential.

This video highlights some of the factors that you need to assess in order to qualify for targets out.

6 Video Lessons – Developing An ICP

This video will help you:

  1. Understand the advantages of developing an Ideal Customer Profile
  2. Set ABM foundation for identification & prioritization of TAL
  3. Identify the key customers characteristics to consider for ICP development
  4. Effectively narrow down your ICP for best-fit accounts
  5. Know the Factors to focus on when disqualifying the least-fit targets.

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