Terminus Account-Based Marketing Framework

How Nuvolo Is Capitalizing On The Terminus Account-Based Marketing Framework

This is the 1st out of the 5 series posts that I’ll be sharing on how Nuvolo has successfully used ABM to attract more sales. And so, to begin, let’s learn about Nuvolo’s background, and how it’s capitalizing on the Terminus ABM Framework to attract sales.

Nuvolo Background and Solutions

Nuvolo is a Saas firm founded in 2013 in Paramus, New Jersey. The company provides a cloud-based Integrated Workspace Management Systems (IWMS) and Enterprise Asset Management solution.

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The firm, therefore, offers solutions that help their customers in managing and optimizing their WorkPlace Management, Projects, Assets, Real Estate Tools, Security, and Sustainability requirements.

Their Clinical Healthcare Solution helps customers manage, support, and protect connected devices.

Nuvolo Target Market, Segments, & Customers

Nuvolo sells to Technology, Government, Enterprise, Higher Education, Financial Services, and also to healthcare sectors.

Because they target different market segments, they have customized their ABM solutions to suit their best-fit customers or their ICP.

This has been possible through their Terminus platform’s Account-based Marketing Framework that helps them with targeting.

Healthcare is a key vertical for them. In fact, their featured success story on Parkland Health & Hospital System is a great example.

Some of their customers include Kaiser Permanente, the Mayo Clinic, Parkland Health, and many other customers in healthcare.

Nuvolo’s Success With Terminus Account-based Marketing Framework

In order to boost their sales and earn high ROI, Nuvolo has implemented an ABM program using the Terminus Account-based Marketing platform to drive their ABM framework for over 1 year.

This has been an amazing journey. Initially, like many ABM novices, Nuvolo struggled with how to get the ABM program off the ground.

So, once they ran a few pilots, their marketing team gained confidence. They started to get into a routine and then could scale it up quickly.  

Because of its successful ABM targeting, Nuvolo is currently on a tear. Recently, it successfully raised $31M in Series C Funding to expand both its workforce and the IWMS Platform.

The  Terminus ABM Platform provides Nuvolo with access to a wide range of marketing tools that they use in real-time.

The tools enable them to identify, target, and engage with target customers for high-value sales opportunities.

Further, the platform’s real-time alerts, target accounts insights, and connection data have helped greatly in boosting the company’s sales team productivity.

The Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) get real-time alerts when target accounts are engaging with their ABM campaigns and, therefore, are able to prioritize these for follow-up.

Nuvolo Best-Fit Account Targeting Through Terminus Account-based Marketing Framework

Nuvolo’s targeting is supported by supplemental Customer Intelligence and Real-Time Intent data.

Lessons Learned

One of Nuvolo’s key lessons has been to build on a strong foundation. And so, they have managed to achieve this through their Terminus ABM Framework by focusing on customer information and intent data. 

The two fundamental takeaways from Nuvolo, that your organization should focus on before embarking on any aggressive ABM campaign are:

1. Creating Target Account List (TAL)

First, you’ll need to first identify your target market and then, create your best-fit Target Accounts List (TAL).

Having the right TAL ensures the effective use of marketing resources. This is because you will be focusing resources on targets that have a higher likelihood of closing.

2. Customer Intelligence and Data

Nuvolo has been especially smart in its use of intent data. However, it took a while to get this right. Because of its thoughtful and deliberate approach, it is getting significant uplift in the pipeline through the smart use of intent data.

What’s Next?

Having covered a general overview of how Nuvolo is taking advantage of the Terminus ABM Marketing Framework, in our upcoming posts, I shall dive deeper into:

  • Nuvolo’s ABM Strategy in more detail
  • Nuvolo’s campaign planning approach
  • How they execute 1:1 ABM
  • Their Approach In 1:Few ABM
  • The strategies they use to scale 1:Many ABM

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In the next post, we go into their ABM Strategy in more detail.


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