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Intent Data For Healthcare

Intent data is one key feature that distinguishes ABM from traditional B2B marketing. It was a bit of a mystery until I dug in to understand it. Now I have become a passionate advocate of its benefits. In the video, …

What Is Intent Data?

In this video, I review the meaning of intent data which is a key tool for ABM targeting. I also highlight the five predictive data signals, and how you can track them.

The video, therefore, explores some of the intent

Implementing ABM Without Expensive ABM Platform

Can you run ABM campaigns with No Tech? The answer is yes. So, in this video, I explain how you can implement ABM without spending on an expensive ABM platform, or software.

The video, therefore, provides simple and illustrative campaign

Lower-Cost ABM Models

In this video, I review some of the lower-cost ABM models. Therefore, I present some of the best alternatives you can consider to high-end  ABM software.

When you are a small-sized organization or even medium-sized, investing in high-end and advanced …