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What Is ABM?

As a  healthcare B2B marketer, knowing what Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a foundation of creating a modern marketing strategy. In this video, I review the definitions of ABM.

Video Insight  – ITSMA & Technology Vendor Definitions

The video begins with …

What Is The Best Practice In ABM?

In this video, I review the best practice in ABM based on a research finding by Information Technology Services Marketing Association,  ITSMA

I explain the characteristics that define the best or an ideal ABM approach. I also touch on …

What Is ABX?

ABX also referred to as ABE, stands for Account-based Experience which is  a customer-centric marketing strategy.

Video Insight – ABX Is Customer-Centric

First, I begin by explaining how account-based  Experience is customer-centric. I also emphasize how its effective implementation …