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Measuring The Impact of ABM

Tracking and measuring ABM performance is the #1 challenge for many ABM practitioners. This is partly because of the large amount of data and information involved. In this video, I guide you on how you can approach measuring your ABM results and developing ABM KPIs.

Video InsightABM KPI Measurement Approach

First, in the video, I take you through Demandbase‘s 3 performance levels of the ABM Measurement Approach.

Further, the video elaborates on the various Key Performance Indicators (ABM KPIs), and the necessary metrics that you can measure to evaluate your ABM performance.

Video LessonsTracking and Measuring ABM Impact Through ABM KPIs

This video  will, therefore, help you:

  • Develop a suitable  strategy in order to effectively measure your ABM results
  • Identify the 3 levels of ABM performance that you ought to continuously focus on.
  • Identify KPIs and metrics which are needed for measuring the impact of ABM
  • Develop a suitable evolving measurement model that suits your ABM growth

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