Research Insights to Marketing Campaign Optimization

Research Insights to Help You With Your Marketing Campaign Optimization

We recently completed the 2021 Pulse Survey on Healthtech Marketing. The survey provides healthtech marketers like you, with ideas and insights to help you drive more effective marketing campaign optimization.

The Healthcare Technology Marketing Survey: June 2021 Pulse

For the second time, HIMSS and healthlaunchpad have partnered to conduct the survey across healthtech marketers.

The first survey was conducted in December 2020 and provided many forward-looking insights into the plans that healthtech marketers had in order to bounce back from the impact of the COVID pandemic.

This second survey assesses how things have changed and, focuses on the following questions:

  1. How have budgets changed?
  2. How are marketers’ tactics changing?
  3. What tactics have been more effective than others?
  4. What has been the approach to marketing campaign optimization?
  5. Is ABM as important as it was at the end of 2020?

You can read the view the presentation of the results here. This includes methodology, findings, comparisons to the previous research, and some key takeaways.

The Top 10 Questions When Planning Your Marketing Campaign Optimization In 2022

Based on the research findings, we have developed the following 10 questions to help you as you plan for 2022 and search for new ideas in marketing campaign optimization:

#1: Is Your Budget Keeping Pace? One of the big surprises in the recent survey was that spending increased. This survey will help you benchmark your budget against the market.

#2: How do your tactics and strategies compare to your peers? Content, email, social media marketing and webinars were leading tactics in late 2020. There has been a shift.

#3: Account-based Marketing (ABM) continues to grow in importance. Are you keeping pace?

#4: Marketers appear to have raised their SEO game. Is this a priority for you?

#5: Healthtech Marketers reported that they increased their use of paid search. How are you using this tactic?

#6: One of the biggest issues around marketing campaign optimization has been what to do with those big budgets for events. With so many events going virtual, how have you been adjusting your spending mix?

#7: Are you planning for TV and video ad campaigns? They are for a surprising number of healthtech marketers.

#8: When it comes to marketing campaign optimization it’s valuable to know which tactics your peers feel are most effective? This research will give you insights into what has been most and least effective.

#9: How are you adapting your events strategy? This is a key issue for healthtech marketers and the survey reveals their plans.

#10: What are your top challenges? See what your peers say are their challenges.

HIMSS & healthlauchpad – Commitment to Marketing Education

We really hope you find the Healthcare Technology Marketing Survey useful. HIMSS and healthlaunchpad are committed to providing educational resources that will help you with ABM, brand strategy, marketing campaign optimization, and more.

If you haven’t checked them out, listen to our new Healthtech Marketing Podcasts. Here are highlights from the first 4 podcasts.


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