abm matters to healthcare b2b2 marketers than ever before

Why ABM Matters More Than Ever

In my previous video, I reviewed the importance of ABM in Healthcare B2B. In this video, I illustrate why ABM matters more than ever to  Healthcare B2B high-tech Marketers.

Video InsightUnderstanding Customers’ Decisions

First, in the video, using survey findings by Gartner, I review the 3 main stages of the customer’s purchase decisions which, as a high-tech healthcare B2B marketer, you ought to know in order to plan on how best to win sales through ABM-based targeting.

Video LessonsWhy ABM Matters More Than Ever

In summary, this video will help you:

  1. Take action by using ABM to target  in-market prospects for quicker sales deals
  2. Know how customers typically make decisions in order to plan for the right ABM strategy 
  3. Appreciate how New  Intent-driven ABM B2B Model is much more efficient and matters more than ever to healthcare B2B high-tech marketers compared to the  “Traditional” B2B Model 
  4. Understand how ABM can help you influence customer’s purchase decisions and help boost your sales
  5. Focus on shortening sales cycles through the targeted campaign
  6. Learn why focusing on “how customers buy” is the key reason why ABM matters to high-tech healthcare B2B marketers like never before. BTW This post on the customer journey fives into this.
  7. Have a clear perspective of the customer’s journey, and therefore, how you can use ABM to engage the in-market prospects at the early stages of their buying process.


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