reasons why abx is so hard

Why Is ABX So Hard?

In my previous post, I introduced  Account-based Experience (ABX) as a customer-centric marketing strategy.  In this post, I review why ABX is so hard to implement.

And I elaborate on some of the focus areas that make ABX a very difficult marketing strategy

Video Insight – ABX & Go-to-market Efforts

First, I begin by explaining that customer-centric marketing is not a simple strategy because it involves all your go-to-market efforts.

Finally, the video explains how Account-based Experience is an orchestrated process, and how it focuses on the entire customer journey.

I hope that this video will prime you with a better understanding of why Account-based Express strategy is hard, and the key areas of focus.

Video Lessons – Why ABX Is Hard

In summary, the video is meant to help you:

  • Know why implementing a customer-centric is very hard
  • Understand the role of AI and research in this strategy
  • Enlighten you on how ABX is an orchestrated process, and therefore, involves different departments
  • Inform you about the key areas of the customer journey that Account-based Express should focus on

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