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Learn How to Win and Grow Customers For Life with ABM and ABX Strategies.

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About the Book

Adam and Ben speak with hundreds of sales and marketing leaders every year. Several recurring issues come up:

  • How to get started with ABM
  • How to win and grow a more profitable customer base
  • How to turn marketing into a competitive advantage

This book will answer these questions about ABM and propose a new, more holistic model for making your sales and marketing more effective.

ABM is part of the answer and is emerging as the way to acquire new and more profitable customers.

In addition, a relatively new concept has emerged called “account-based experience” (ABX) that addresses how to cross-sell, upsell, and convert customers into evangelists.

This book proposes a new more efficient model that combines ABM, ABX, and other account-based strategies. We call it…

Total Customer Growth

We wrote this book as a comprehensive practical guide to ABM, ABX, and Total Customer Growth. The book includes how-to guides, strategic rationales, examples, and references to online resources to help in your journey.

The Authors

Adam Turinas

Adam spent two decades marketing for Dell, IBM, Bank of America and dozens of other major marketers. In 2012 he founded, grew and eventually sold a healthcare technology software business and then created healthlaunchpad, a leading healthtech marketing firm that is teaching clients how to use ABM.

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Ben Person

Ben Person spent over two decades at Collins Aerospace, Caterpillar, Dell, Nuvolo and most recently co-founded and is the CEO of Tenon, a marketing project management technology company, built on ServiceNow. Ben is a seasoned marketing and software executive with deep experience in ABM and expertise in the ServiceNow and MarTech ecosystem, Ben previously served as the CMO for Nuvolo and as a Global ServiceNow Leader for Dell.

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Drew Neisser

A fresh take on ABM.

ABM has been around for a while but adoption has been spotty. Some companies have mastered it, but most are either getting started or figuring out how to make it work for them. Total Customer Growth is an excellent practical guide that covers how to get moving with ABM to scaling it across the organization. It’s the sort of book you can come back to frequently for how to’s and ideas.

Drew Neisser, Founder of CMO Huddles and award-winning author

Kelly McDermott

Excellent Resource

I have been in the middle of Account Based Marketing for several years, and I still found many excellent suggestions and ideas that I could apply to my current efforts. This book is very well written and full of actionable insight. I especially appreciate the many free tools offered for download as part of the book purchase.

Kelly McDermott, CMO, Caregility

Bob Abrahamson

TCG Will be the Next Acronym on Every Marketers Lips

Total Customer Growth does an excellent job of distilling the various parts and pieces of ABM into a blueprint for effective sales and marketing success. The evolution to Total Customer Growth and leveraging Sales, Marketing, and Client Success collaboration across the customer lifecycle just makes so much sense.

Bob Abrahamson, Chief Marketing Officer, pCare

Charles Cantu

Rock Solid ABM Bible!

Adam and Ben make the complex simple to understand and roll out! I love it. Mandatory reading for my business development and sales teams!

Charles Cantu, Founder Rest Digital

Rob Ciampa

Practitioners who know what they're doing

ABM is one of the most powerful frameworks for effective business performance, yet - according to my most recent survey data (I help companies with business issues) - more than 65% of implementations don't live up to their potential, leading to opportunity losses and economic waste. Turinas and Person lay out a working methodology that significantly mitigates the risk of ABM while opening up its potential. Even better, this guide will fix or amplify your current implementation so the CFO and CEO won't give you a WTF on justifying sales and marketing spend.

Rob Ciampa

Danny Scalisi

How to transform average sales into supercharged account based selling

Total customer growth was a compelling study on how to transform average sales into supercharged account based selling. It was a thorough and prescriptive look as to how to grow a company, sales team and leadership mindset with ABM. It helps you navigate through this dynamically evolving market where social media, AI and tools with which to reach customers are changing fast and a sales operation must evolve or die.

Danny Scalisi, Chief Growth Officer, Bluestream Health

What’s in the Book?

Part 1 - Strategic Foundations of Total Customer Growth

Chapter 1 Why ABM Is Transforming B2B Sales and Marketing

Chapter 2 The Total Customer Growth Framework

Chapter 3 Starting with Intent

Chapter 4 Targeting

Chapter 5 The Buyer Journey

Chapter 6 ABM Campaign Strategies and Personalization

Chapter 7 Engagement and Content Planning

Part 2 - Putting ABM into Action

Chapter 8 The ABM Technology Platform

Chapter 9 SDRs: ABM’s Secret Weapon

Chapter 10 Measurement Matters

Part 3 - ABM to ABX

Chapter 11 Envisioning ABX and Total Customer Growth

Chapter 12 Account Insight-Driven Growth

Chapter 13 Turning Customers into Positive Influencers

Part 4 - Get Moving. Get Scaling.

Chapter 14 Think/Crawl/Walk/Run

Chapter 15 Scaling and Evolving

Chapter 16 Being Agile

Chapter 17 The Total Customer Growth Organization

Epilogue - Why We Wrote This Book