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Account-Based Marketing Strategy

Account-Based Marketing is our driving passion. It's what we do. To help you become ABM superstars, we have created dozens of articles, podcasts, webinars on ABM, especially focused on the issues faced in complex sales.

10 Tips on Personalization in Account-Based Marketing

Personalization is crucial in Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and Account-Based Experience (ABX). At its heart, ABM is about allocating marketing resources more precisely to a select group of accounts instead of a broad audience. You do this by leveraging insights about

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Enterprise ABM vs Growth ABM?

Account-based Marketing (ABM) is in its third decade and has become a festival of definitions and acronyms. One of the latest I have heard referenced is the notion of Enterprise ABM and Growth ABM. I think it was the superb Davis

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The Total Customer Growth Book

I am excited to share the launch of the Total Customer Growth book, or  How to Win and Grow Customers for Life with ABM and ABX, a book Ben Person and I wrote together. Why We Wrote Total Customer Growth Ben, like me,

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The Total Customer Growth Framework – 100+ Question ABM Planning Template

As a companion tool for the Total Customer Growth book, we created an ABM Planning template that you can use to put the ideas in the book into action. Why Does an ABM Planning Template Need 100+ Questions? ABM is

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The Buyer Journey Framework

The Buyer Journey is one of the pillars of an effective B2B and ABM strategy. It’s an obsession at healthlaunchpad. We developed a buyer journey template three years ago, and we constantly refining it. In this post, we share our buyer

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Writing Total Customer Growth – Ten Years of Frustration and Nine Months of Writer’s Block

Several people asked me how long it took to write Total Customer Growth. The short answer is nine months. My co-author, Ben Person and I started writing last September. We finished a solid first draft by January. It then took

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22 Reasons Why ABM Goes Wrong

In this post, we will dive into some of the reasons ABM goes wrong. This is based on conversations with our broad community of B2B marketers and hard-earned lessons helping companies adopt ABM. Account-based Marketing (ABM) is hard to get

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Total Customer Growth Marketing vs Demand Generation

In this post, we compare Total Customer Growth Marketing vs Demand Generation. There is confusion about growth marketing and demand generation. The short story is that one is a holistic business model to win and grow customers for life. The

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The Six-Step Intent-based Demand Generation Process

It’s time For a New Approach to Building a Marketing-driven Pipeline Generating sales pipeline for high-ticket offerings and long sales cycles is one of the hardest jobs in marketing: Problems with the Typical Demand Generation Process B2B Marketers do the

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Content, Digital and Social Media Marketing

We help many B2B firms create and execute effective social, digital and content marketing programs. Check out our blogs, podcasts, articles and videos on best practice in social, digital and content marketing .

Our Four Corner Inbound Marketing Engine

In this post, I will describe how we created a highly effective Inbound Marketing Engine. When I launched healthlaunchpad, I felt that I had unfinished business. In my software startup, Uniphy Health, I had been very frustrated by our inability to build a

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What to Post to Engage Your LinkedIn Connections and Followers

In this blog post, I will share my analysis of a 12 months of LinkedIn posts, what I learned about what has helped to engage my LinkedIn connections and followers, and what to post on LinkedIn. My LinkedIn Obsession I

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social selling

10 Hard-earned Social Selling Tips

Social selling is using social channels to build strong relationships with prospective and current customers. I have been on LinkedIn since 2004 and have used social media to raise my profile through blogs and other social media activities for almost two decades. Social selling has been instrumental to the success of healthlaunchpad.  Social selling can be incredibly effective, but it’s very hard to do well. I am still trying to master it. Here are ten things I have learned that will put you on the road to becoming a social-selling Jedi.

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B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing Budget Benchmarks

B2B Marketing Budget Benchmarks

How Much Should You Spend on Marketing? This question is a bit like how long is a piece of string. To help you answer this question, here is a compilation of recent data on B2B Marketing Budget Benchmarks. B2B Marketing

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B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing – A Personal History

I have been involved in B2B Marketing for three decades and lived through multiple waves of change in this industry. Normally, I look ahead rather than backward, so I apologize in advance for a self-indulgent trip down memory lane. Looking back, I saw how B2B Marketing had changed dramatically and fast in a relatively short period. Here is my personal story of living that evolution.

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agile marketing

Agile Marketing: What It Is, Why Implement It, and How to Do It

Agile Marketing has rightly been receiving a great deal of attention. For many organizations, it is becoming THE operating model for marketing.
In this post, I will share what Agile Marketing is and how it is implemented at this multi-billion dollar healthcare firm.

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Complex Sales

Buyer Collective

What Flavor is Your Buyer Collective?

In this post, we review the different “flavors” of Buyer Collective you will meet with four examples and ideas on how to market to them.
The atomic unit of ABM and B2B Marketing is the target account. The sub-atomic unit is the Buyer Collective, the group of stakeholders at a prospective account involved in the buying process.

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Healthcare Technology Buyer Insights for 2023

Last month I moderated a HIMSS webinar panel of four senior healthcare technology executives to get their perspectives. They explained the financial realities of healthcare systems, their respective priorities, and what innovations are most interesting to them and advised vendors on how to sell to them.

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B2B healthcare - building an integrated healthcare sales and marketing team

Sales and Marketing Integration in B2B Healthcare

In our previous video post, we shared how your organization can approach ABM & Social Media campaigns.  In the video below, Royce Brunson, the Chief Revenue Office at HRS, discusses the integration of Sales and Marketing with Adam Turinas, the CEO & Founder of healthlaunchpad.

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