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Short Educational Videos for Healthtech Marketers: Video Briefs

We just launched a new addition to our website called Video Briefs, short educational videos for healthtech marketers

These are 2 to 4-minute-long videos designed to help educate healthtech marketers on a wide range of important topics. These include:

  • Planning – How to plan your campaigns, how to design an ABM program, and how to create a 90-day ABM pilot.
  • Best practice in targeting – How to create an ICP, what’s different about targeting in healthcare, and how to score your target accounts.
  • Marketing Technology and Data – What is intent data, different types of low-cost ABM solutions
  • Marketing Case Studies – How a healthtech firm created 1:1, 1:Few, and 1:Many ABM program
  • And a lot about ABM

The first 15 videos are available for your viewing pleasure. Coming soon are additional healthcare B2B educational videos on content marketing, influencer marketing, SEO, and lots more.

By the way, most of these videos are excerpts from our webinar series with HIMSS.

Most importantly of all, these short educational videos are for you, especially if you are a healthtech or healthcare B2B marketer.

We also want to know what you want to learn about.


So, Please email me and we can add your ideas into the mix.


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Adam Turinas

Adam Turinas is a long-time technology marketing leader and entrepreneur. He is the co-author of the Total Customer Growth book and founder of Total Customer Growth LLC. Adam spent two decades marketing for Dell, IBM, Bank of America, and dozens of other major marketers. In 2012 he founded, grew, and eventually sold a healthcare technology software business and then created healthlaunchpad, a leading healthtech marketing firm that teaches clients how to use ABM.