Video Review On How To Score Best-Fit Accounts

How To Score Best-Fit Accounts

In my previous video, I shared my personal experience on how we developed a healthcare ICP for my Startup.  In this video, I review how you can score best-fit accounts in order to build an effective target Account List for your healthcare ABM

Video Insight – Traditional & FIRE Account Scoring…

In this video, I take you through a simple traditional process of scoring best-fit accounts. The video then goes into a more modern, dynamic, and data-driven Accounts Scoring  Model called FIRE

It is my hope that through this video, you will be well equipped to kickstart the process of building the most suitable target accounts list in order to successfully drive your healthcare B2B marketing campaigns.

Video Lessons – Scoring Best-Fit Accounts

So, as a healthcare ABM marketer, watching this  video will help you to:

  • Learn how you can build Target Accounts List (TAL) using scoring techniques
  • Learn about the traditional process of scoring best-fit accounts.
  • Identify Accounts’ characteristics  that you can use for the traditional scoring process
  • Have a better understanding of intent data-driven FIRE account-scoring model
  • Understand  how you can identify prospects in real-time using Demandbase FIRE Account Scoring model 


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