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Adam Franklin

Webinar Recording: How To Land a New Healthcare Client via LinkedIn in 90 Days or Less

Adam “Ads” Franklin is a globally recognized Digital Marketing Expert. His approach to building business through LinkedIn is uniquely designed for people who want to create meaningful long-term business relationships.

His technique is, therefore, both personal and scalable.

And it doesn’t require InMail or Sales Navigator.

So, In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • #1. Get your LinkedIn Profile up to speed to attract ideal clients.
  • #2. Develop a process to identify ideal future clients.
  • #3. Develop an outreach plan to connect with ideal buyers.
  • #4 Develop a 5-Step Nurturing System to convert contacts into clients.

Webinar Workbook

LinkedIn Guides

$1 VIP Upgrade Offer

It includes:

  • Recording of my half-day LinkedIn Accelerator workshop + notes + workbook
  • Coaching call with me
  • A 30-day trial of my ‘Marketing Club’ where you get a live training workshop each month. (Then $97/month after trial)
  • A PDF copy of my book Web Marketing That Works


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