telehealth intent data case study

Telehealth Intent Data Case Study 1

In my previous video, I explained why intent data is important in healthcare. In this Telehealth case study video, I review how we use Bombora and HubSpot to get the right intent data for better customer targeting.

Video Insight – Customer Intelligence Signals

The video highlights how you can extract intent data and import it into HubSpot to assess customers’ activity signals.  This guides you in identifying the customers to target.

Lessons: Telehealth Intent Data – Bombora Case Study 

This telehealth case study video provides the following lessons:

  • Types of intent data use
  • How Intent Data  can improve SDR efficiency
  • How  we use Bombora natively
  • Selection of intent data topics and examples
  • Extraction of data from Bombora and importing into HubSpot
  • Creation of Intent Data Report using Bombora tool
  • Analyzing weekly interest signals from customers

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