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How You Can Create a 1:1 Target Account List Using Customer Insight

In this video,  I take you through a step-by-step process of creating a 1:1 Target Account List (TAL) using Customer Insight.

The video, is a guide on how you can use customer insight either through manual research techniques, face-to-face engagements, or based on Definitive Healthcare data, to build a 1:1 TAL for your healthcare B2B campaign without using any 3rd-party intent data

I hope that this VIDEO will shine some light on your organization’s ABM campaign path as you walk through the process of creating the best 1:1 TAL for your planned targeted & highly customized campaign.

#1. Video Highlights – Matching 1:1 TAL With Goals &  Capacity

This video offers guidance on the need to consider your organization’s campaign objectives or goals when creating One-to-one TAL. For instance, your campaign goal may be to win over prospects who have shown interest in your competitor’s solutions through customized Switch Campaigns.

Further, the video takes you through the process of filtering your TAL. This is to ensure that you only focus on high-value accounts and that your marketing team can promptly and effectively engage and turn into customers at the early stages of their buying Journey

#2. Video LessonsCreating 1:1 TAL Using Customer Insight 

As a B2B healthcare marketer, developing a high-value 1:1 target account list for your campaign is critical. This video will, therefore, equip you with the relevant skills to:

  1. Effectively refine your TAL & Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) for your 1:1 targeting
  2. Acquire Customer Insights to build 1:1 TAL without using 3rd-party intent data
  3. Build a 1:1 Target Account List using Definitive Healthcare data
  4. Effectively refine your TAL &  ICP to get the best-fit TAL for your one-to-one targeting
  5. Create 1:1TAL while focusing on your marketing team’s engagement capacity
  6. Focus on campaign objectives when creating a one-to-one Target Account List

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Adam Turinas

Adam Turinas is a long-time technology marketing leader and entrepreneur. He is the co-author of the Total Customer Growth book and founder of Total Customer Growth LLC. Adam spent two decades marketing for Dell, IBM, Bank of America, and dozens of other major marketers. In 2012 he founded, grew, and eventually sold a healthcare technology software business and then created healthlaunchpad, a leading healthtech marketing firm that teaches clients how to use ABM.

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